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5 Steps for Transformation

Have you ever thought things would never change?
Life, friends, job, weight, diet, happiness?

I sure thought they never would.  My routine was picking up fast-food on the way home from a miserable day of work, sitting on the coach, and stuffing myself while watching 4+ hours of movies every night. 

There is nothing wrong with routine, as long as it doesn’t suck!

They one day it came to me.  Not much of a revelation, but more a smack on the back of the head.  Things aren’t going to change unless I change.  Nobody is going to do it for me.  No doctor, no spouse, no family member, nope… no one but me. 

What? How can this be? 

If that is true then there is nobody to blame. 
That means I am responsible!  Scary thought. 

How am I going to lose all this weight by eating calzones, pasta, and pizza yet another night?
How am I going to build muscle by sitting on a coach for hours on end?
How am I going to enjoy work, or a career, when I don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning?

Time to take responsibility.

I spoke to one of the trainers at the gym about the best time to come, when it wasn’t so busy and more machines would be available.  He let me know that anytime during work hours would be fine, now that January was over.  I asked him why that was.  He said well everyone is done making their “attempt” at actually following through on their New Years resolution of getting back in shape, and it won’t be busy like that again until next year.

It’s about time we reclaim our lives don’t you think?

Steps To Take

  1. Analyze where you’re at.  Getting “real” with yourself has always been the first step.  If you want to know which direction to walk in, you first have to know where you are standing.
  2. Decide if you’re ready for change.  If you consciously decide you are ready to change, you are revving your feet to make that first step.
  3. Set your intention on what you want to accomplish.  Make losing weight, gaining muscle, attracting money, or finding your soul mate real in your mind.  Write your intention down, affirm it, visualize it, and it will materialize!
  4. Move into position.  Taking the actual step is the most satisfying part.  It's fun shopping for new types of food, reading new books on a subject, or going out on dates.  By removing all doubt and fear and just taking that step you will be left with the clarity to enjoy the change.
  5. Keep Moving!  Momentum is your friend.  Look within for your inner strength.  And if you still feel lost, ask for help!  You will be surprised how many people out there are in the same shoes as you.  Maybe you'll find a workout buddy?  Maybe a business partner?  Either way keep moving.

LOVINGRAW 12 - Juice Feasting Day 45 from Philip McCluskey on Vimeo.


  • Day 1 - 260.0 lbs

  • Day 10 - 249.4 lbs  (10.6 lbs lost)

  • Day 17 - 244.4 lbs  (5.0 lbs lost)

  • Day 24 – 238.6 lbs  (5.8 lbs lost)
  • Day 31 – 234.6 lbs  (4.0 lbs lost)
  • Day 38 – 231.5 lbs  (3.1 lbs lost)
  • Day 45 – 227.6 lbs  (3.9 lbs lost)

Total Weight Loss while JF: 32.4 lbs
Total Weight Loss since raw: 172.4 lbs

Juice Feast Forums
If your looking for a little support with your Juice Feast, or have some general questions, there are plenty of new friends waiting to make your acquaintance.  There are almost 200 members in the Juice Feasting Forum on GI2MR, and more on GlobalJuiceFeast.  So don’t be shy and get in there, the raw food community is here to help.

Keep smiling!

Philip @ Lovingraw