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A Day in the Life of Anthony Anderson


Anthony Anderson, 26, has been living and working in New York City as a model for over 3 years. Originally from Minnesota, he came to New York to earn a living as a model, and in the process discovered the multiple benefits of adopting healthy lifestyle habits. He is currently working on his self-sustainable eco-cottage and organic farm in Minnesota, where he plans to entertain friends and family, host educational retreats, and pursue even greater levels of physical and mental well-being.

My typical day... structured randomness filled with joy.

What I love most about my career is the unpredictability. I can be at home on Wednesday afternoon reading an article online and receive a phone call from my agency. They are telling me to pack my bags because I am going to be in Miami tomorrow. I don't know what excites me more, the money earned from the job or the fact that I'll be able to drink fresh green coconut juice again ; )

I try to have a structured framework that I base my day around. It centers around multi-tasking, getting things done quick, and then spending time with the people I care about as much as possible.

8am-10am...wake up. This varies from the time I went to sleep. Usually that will be around 2-4 in the morning. In the summer it is less because I get more fresh air and sunlight in my room. Immediately upon waking, I will lay in bed and think about all the wonderful things in my life that I am grateful for. I will let feelings of gratitude literally put a smile on my face. Sometimes I might fall back to sleep, other times I will arise right afterwards... excited to start the new day.

Re-hydration. Upon getting out of bed, I will make a big glass (32oz usually) of fresh water, the supplement MSM, lemon juice, turmeric, and cayenne pepper. Drinking this right away gets me feeling energized.

Pre-breakfast Workout. I can't express enough how crucial this is for maintaining my physique. This action alone will take you to the next level without doing much else. Before eating or drinking (other than water), I head to the gym (or exercise at home) for at least an hour of weights or cardio. There were times when I was eating heavy at night, despite being raw, and I would be a little bulkier than I wished to be. Doing the pre-breakfast workout for 5 days would bring me back to the level I was happy with. This is so huge... I highly recommend it if you're looking to bring your physique to the next level.

Breakfast. My breakfast will consist of either a superfood smoothie (if I did heavy exercises) or a green smoothie (if I did more cardio or wasn't able to make it to the gym). These items are quick to make and LOADED with nutrients. And since they are blended, they will go right into my system with very little work.

Unpredictable Randomness. My days are random yet structured - during the day I will have castings and jobs. I can have up to 10 castings in one day, or many times my day will be completely up to me to decide what I want to do.  I make sure I fill my days with things I love to do- such as reading, exercising, correspondence with friends and readers, going for a jog in Central Park, and always spending lots of time making raw dishes with my loved one- all the while enjoying each moment. Having a "productive day" to me is having a "joy-filled day"- otherwise your days are just filled with tasks. Setup up your day to maximize joy.

That is what I love about what I do for a living... the FREE time. I think it is how I was able to be online so much and establish myself in the raw community. If I would have had a more consuming job I would come home exhausted and would have reached for the remote control instead of coming up with things to write about.

What I hope you get from this is the idea of self-determination. The notion of YOU directing how your day goes. I basically live the life of a retired person - a very productive and mentally active retired person. I choose what to do during the day, and have been doing so for about 4 years. I still have castings to attend to, but I am always listening to my audio books while I am walking, or on the subway. I always have my book in my bag, ready to be pulled out at any moment and read while I wait to meet someone for an appointment as well. Its always about being able to stay productive and enjoy life no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Evenings. Evenings are comprised of catching up on daily emails, watching an inspirational film, eating some homemade cacao treats in bed with my love, and talking and laughing until we fall asleep.

Create your day... or begin to take the steps to be able to actually create your day, instead of having someone else create it for you. I know my career is not the norm, but even if you do the usual 9 to 5, you can still make a point to have a joy-filled day. Its not really about crossing off tasks, its more about finding out how to squeeze as much enjoyment out of life and doing what you LOVE to do. Plan for it and LIVE it.