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I was on the phone recently with my good friend, Raw Vegan Steven... funniest raw-foodist I know! Well, we were talking about his future garden in Pennsylvania, and I mentioned to him that he should buy seeds of wild weeds like dandelion, purslane, lambs-quarters, and plantain. I mentioned that he could have so much growing naturally in his yard that he would never have to replant again, and he would never run out because wild greens are so prolific.

The best possible greens you could dream of, for the cost of a few packets of seeds.

Then the idea came to me. Why stop at just your yard? Why not replant all public spaces with wild greens?

Parks, vacant lots, anywhere that wouldn't be sprayed by pesticides. Think about this. We can become the modern Johnny Appleseeds of the world. Overgrow the pharmaceutical companies naturally by re-wilding the suburbs, and even the cities.

Is it illegal to plant wild edible greens in public spaces? I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Nevertheless... I think the idea seed has been planted, if you know what I mean. All areas could be available. City Parks, open woodlots, even the neighbor's untended front yard. And once wild greens are planted, they spread.

Their life force is so strong, which is why these pesticide companies invest so much money into killing these plants... because they are just so indestructible. Just imagine if you started eating those (unsprayed) plants on a regular basis. Embrace nature instead of trying to destroy it. What a concept...

I intend very soon to have my eating habits centered on wild greens and fresh fruit right off the tree. If not right off the tree, then at the local farmer's market. I will still grow tomatoes and cucumbers and melons, but I think the essentials will be taken care of with those previously mentioned items.

"One does not accumulate, but eliminate. It is not daily increase, but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always leads to simplicity." - Bruce Lee

Think about it. The best possible foods you can eat are, in my opinion, by far the easiest and cheapest to grow. Wild greens and fruit trees, and I would include hemp (more about this soon) if the United States was sane enough to let the people plant it. All of these foods require very little to no attention and give the highest nutrition.

The modern raw food diet still rests on cultivated plants that need man to survive. And most come soil which isn't the best possible option. What is more natural? What can we eat to mirror the ancient diet? Plants! What contains the highest sources of minerals and life force? Wild Plants! Can't find wild plants where you live? Buy the seeds and plant them. Here is what I just ordered from mountainroseherbs.com

  • Astragalus Seeds
  • Burdock Seeds
  • Calendula Seeds
  • Chickweed Seeds
  • Dandelion Seeds
  • Marshmallow Seeds
  • Lavender Seeds
  • Nettle Seeds
  • Peppermint Seeds
  • Passionflower Seeds
  • Plantain Seeds
  • Skullcap Seeds
  • Wormwood Seeds
  • Licorice Seeds
  • Lemon Balm Seeds

Sound good?

I intend to plant them anywhere I can regularly visit that is not sprayed. No more waiting in line to buy kale...

It's time to re-create Eden here and now! Start living and start planting!

- Anthony, the Rawmodel