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Be The Change

In the Present
My sister Elizabeth passed away last week, right before I was scheduled to talk in NYC.  I rushed home from a team meeting in Delaware, just to arrive one hour after she passed.

Tears started to roll down my face as I found myself looking down at her lifeless body.  Emotion continued for the next minute or two - and then something wonderful happened.  I found myself not thinking about the past, nor worrying about the future, but rather in the present moment.  I closed my eyes and started to smile, then even laughed a bit.  I was so happy to see her at peace, not suffering anymore, but rather expanded back into the universe and in God's arms.

My sister had suffered from debilitating diabetes her entire life.  She lost the ability to drive from poor eyesight, gave herself injections for two decades, and even had a transplant.  And through all that she still spent more time in the hospital that anyone I know.  Literally in and out every other day or week - for sometimes months at a time.  Probably 10 years of her life was spent under doctors care, and most of the time they really had no idea what they were doing.  But she pressed on... always with a smile.

Self Love

My eyes really have opened since starting this raw food journey.  I see people and sometimes my heart breaks to see the condition that they are in, or how they treat themselves.  I was recently walking through the grocery store and saw so many people overweight, red-faced, or just looking tired and unhealthy.  I would then look into their shopping carts to find twinkies, potato chips, and wonder bread.  Every time I even see someone smoking, no matter their age, I feel the same way.

Do they know what its doing to them?  Do they care?

I was in that same boat 2 years ago when I hit 400 lbs.  When I think back it wasn't that I didn't know, I think it was that I didn't care.  I just didn't think highly enough about myself, or loved myself enough to make healthy choices.

Do you remember that song by the Fugees, "Killing Me Softly?"
I remember it a little too well, and you know what - Its time for a change!

What does it take to win the race?

Some people aren't educated about healthy food choices ... lets teach them!
Some people don't have the support system ... lets create a community!
Some people don't have the motivation ... lets inspire them!

Its not one person who is going to change the world, its all of us.  Together we can educate, co-create, and be an example of a new generation of healthy, happy people who are living life to the fullest.  Not through our words, by preaching at them until we are blue in the face, but rather through our example.  Lets live a life of abundance dropping seeds of knowledge along the way.

That is how we will create heaven on earth.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
-  Mahatma Gandhi

PS.  Juice Feasting Update

  • Day: 74
  • Weight: 217.6 lbs
  • Since JF: 42.4 lbs
  • Total Lost: 182.4 lbs

Peace an Love,