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Reflections of a Juice Feaster


94 days. Just Juice.

I have not had solid food in over 3 months. 

  • No nuts.
  • No salads.
  • No bananas.
  • No avocados.
  • Not even a smoothie.

With 6 days left on this juice feast I really don’t know what to expect on my first day of solid foods.  I mean sure, I have seen the YouTube videos of everyone eating prunes on their first day of food, and that looks all find and dandy, but for some reason I just can’t even picture it anymore.  For example, I honestly don’t remember eating almonds.  I remember using them in recipes, chopping them, and even dehydrating them, I just don’t remember eating them. 

I have been to some of the top raw food restaurants in NYC, watched literally hundred of delicious meals and desserts being consumed, and even acted as the chef for our GITMR Poconos raw food retreat, and all I can think about is lettuce!  Not Pure Food’s amazing ice cream, not Quintessence’s impossible to duplicate fofu, not even Gnosis’s gourmet yummy chocolate (you didn’t just read that Vanessa), just beautifully nutritious, highly delicious, high-water-content Boston lettuce.  There is just something about the crunch that I have been missing. 

A part of me feels that I could keep on living on juice forever.  Actually, I know I could.  The fear of not eating solid food has left me.  I have discovered that for me, it’s a choice.  Once you believe that anything is possible, and that we live a limitless life, a whole new world opens up to you. 

We truly are bound by nothing! 

I have tried every type of technique during this 100-day adventure:

Days with just water.
Days with just fruit juice.
Days with just veggie juice.
Days with mainly coconut water.
Periods with no food or water at all.

Nights when I slept 11 hours. 
Nights when I danced until 4am.
Nights when I didn’t sleep at all.

And what are my closing thoughts of this wonderful journey:

…it’s all just so beautiful.

The beauty of watching yourself continue to grow.
The humility of discovering what you are really made of. 
The gratitude for being alive during the most amazing time in the history of the human race.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Weight Update

  • Day 1 - 260.0 lbs

  • Day 10 - 249.4 lbs (10.6 lbs lost)

  • Day 17 - 244.4 lbs (5.0 lbs lost)

  • Day 24 – 238.6 lbs (5.8 lbs lost)

  • Day 31 – 234.6 lbs (4.0 lbs lost)

  • Day 38 – 231.5 lbs (3.1 lbs lost)

  • Day 45 – 227.6 lbs (3.9 lbs lost)

  • Day 52 – 224.2 lbs (3.4 lbs lost)

  • Day 60 – 223.2 lbs (1.0 lb lost)
  • Day 74 – 217.6 lbs (5.6 lbs lost)
  • Day 82 – 213.6 lbs (4.0 lbs lost)
  • Day 88 - 209.0 lbs (4.6 lbs lost)
  • Day 94 – 207.0 lbs (2.0 lbs lost)

Total Weight Loss while JF: 53.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss since raw: 193.0 lbs
 (2 years)


Philip @ Lovingraw

Ps.  I hope to see you for my Raw Chocolate Rave Party  next week, to celebrate the finish of my 100 days on juice!  This party is hosted by Gnosis Chocolate and Welikeitraw, and it going to be an amazing event!