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The Future of Food

Talk about synchronicities...

I watched The Future of Food last night, a film about genetically modified foods and especially the company producing them - MONSANTO. I was blown away and totally frightened. And now today, I just read the post from Dhru. Too crazy.

I am scared to say anything negative about this company, because I realize how "effective" their legal team is. Honestly...I would love to give my honest opinion, but its just not worth dealing with lawyers.

However, I have heard some people refer to them as "The Spawn of Satan", the "Antichrist", and the "Angels of Death". Not my words though. What is objective though, is that they are manipulating our food supply and spraying it with chemicals like never before. And wait until you learn about the connections between this company and the US government. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED.

Watch the film posted earlier by Dhru, and be sure to rent or buy "The Future of Food", by Deborah Koons Garcia. Here is the intro available on youtube.

What to do?

We, as raw foodists, are way ahead of the current way of thinking, but we have to keep ahead.

I know now that it is absolutely CRUCIAL, VITAL, and IMPERATIVE that we grow our own heirloom organic fruits and vegetables, and just keep educating ourselves and getting the information out there to our fellow citizens that still care about what they are eating, and waking up those who still don't.

On a related note...

Something that really bothers me are the farmers at the Farmer's Markets that still continue to use pesticides and not use natural fertilizers. I feel that there is simply no excuse to use pesticides anymore, especially if these people want to sell us their products in Farmer's Markets.

We need to bring attention to them and everyone else shopping at the markets that we will NOT buy anything that has been sprayed with pesticides or fertilized with petrochemicals. On top of that, we will let everyone else know that they are still choosing to use harmful chemicals. They need to learn about using beneficial insects and mineralizing their soils instead. Maybe if they want to sell that stuff in the grocery store, but not at what would seem a more safe "Farmer's Market".

Its up to us to provide the best food ever for us and our loved ones. There are SERIOUS forces of darkness descending upon the Earth and its food supply (according to some...not me possibly) and we need to get on the ball and shed light on the situation, and by using our consumer dollars to speak.

Here is to knowledge and ACTION.