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The Power of Sea Vegetables


The glamourous Julie, from Julie's Raw Ambition, has a wonderful and information rich post on Sea Vegetables called, The Power of Sea Vegetables.

In the post Julie covers everything from Arame to Wakame. She also gives a beautiful intro on exactly why these vegetables are so great for you. I've posted an excerpt here:

I am very enthusiastic about spreading the word on the benefits of sea vegetables and cannot emphasize the value of these superfoods enough. As a Florida native who was raised loving and living near the ocean, I have long known of its powers of vitality and renewal long before I even thought of eating seaweed. As I’ve spent countless time snorkeling, diving, surfing, swimming, and boating, it is enthralling to experience how the salt water has an almost mystical effect on hair, nails, and skin. Hair becomes shiny, glowing, and full of body; nails become strong and even undergo a rapid growth process; the skin is softer, smoother, firmer and more toned. And this is only aesthetically speaking, of course. The reasons for this are not just as simple as salt water. The amounts of minerals in their high concentrations found in the sea far surpass that which is found on land in any one plant, and these minerals also represent as a whole, the most vital and complete combination for human beings. Now imagine concentrating all of this life-giving magic and compact it into an edible form!

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