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Women's Week

This week we're going to be featuring different essays and podcasts that focus on women, women's health and women who work in the world of raw food.

A few things we have lined up:

  • Bell Chung on the female period and myths about the menstruation cycle

  • Natalia Rose on growing up with an eating disorder and finding balance within raw foods [podcast]

  • Sarma Melngailis on getting a few products to help you get the glow

  • Stacey & Susan on female body image issues, how they found raw food and coaching others [podcast]

  • Penni Shelton on her motivation behind Juice Feating and how the experience has been so far

  • Ani Phyo on her raw food journey and becoming a successful raw chef [podcast]

  • Emily Shaules on rising above fibromyalgia and finding purpose in her life

I hope you're filled with as much joy as we are in celebration of these powerful women and the new world of health they are creating.