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Back on solids again, and it feels so good

The break down.

  • Day 1: Prunes
  • Day 2: Prunes
  • Day 3: Fruit
  • Day 4: Fruit
  • Day 5: Sprouts
  • Day 6: Sprouts

Product Review Corner

I received a beautiful box of sprouts from Alex and Mark at Sproutliving.com.  I got them just in time for day 6 after breaking my juice feast.  You might remember Alex, he is the owner of Rawguru.com


As I opened the box I was delighted to find everything was neatly packed and kept cold with plenty of ice packs.  There were a dozen boxes in all, with a wide variety of sprouts including sunflower, cilantro, red Russian kale, celery, broccoli, pea shoots, onion, wasabi, citrus mixes and edible blossoms.  If you check out their site you will find about another 20 varieties, all organic, all amazing.  Also, stay tuned as their newly formulated sprout powder line is launched.  And if that is not enough, Rawguru sells USDA organic coconuts…. that’s right, ORGANIC COCONUTS. 


I think you will be able to figure out my impression of the sprouts from my video below.

O.N.E Natural Experience
When O.N.E. contacted me to review their ready-to-drink coconut water, I must admit, I was a little hesitant.  I knew they were pasteurized, and since I have never been anything other than 100% raw, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.  But then I came to the conclusion… how many people are actually 100% raw.  Maybe 5%, maybe 10%.  Some people drink coffee, some beer, and some just don’t have access to good coconut water, so why not at least review something amazing, even if it is heated.  Besides, who is counting percentages anyway… well, except me?

So I gave a case away to some friends to try, both raw foodists and non-raw foodists alike.  The consensus was anonymous that the 100% pure coconut water was delicious and refreshing.  So if you’re not a purist and looking for a nice treat, check it out.  They also have Amazon Acai and Cashew Juice. 

Reversing the Irreversible DVD
Valya Boutenko just released a 90-minute DVD with nothing but testimonies of raw foodists who improved their health naturally, and overcame dis-ease.  Everything from weight loss to cancer is covered, including yours truly.  Check out a preview of the movie.  So if you have some friends or family members with less than stellar health, and just won’t pick up a book, get a DVD and show them its possible with raw!

Keep Sprouting,

Philip @ Lovingraw

PS.  Be sure to stop by my event if your in the London area on the 20th.

PSS.  Stay tuned for my upcoming review on new rawfood recipe books.