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London in pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words... so here we go.
Adventures in London - Part 1

My most amazing and loving host... and fellow mischief maker - Suki Zoe of Qito

Food from SAF, Chad Sarno's new posh raw food restaurant in London

Smiles all around after a night of eating and bashing around London with GI2MR members.  (Left to right) Katie, Dickon, Suki, Philip, Chrissy, Joel, Grunde 

Enjoying the fresh market on the weekend.  Bought some delicious shiitake mushrooms, avocados, sprouts, and heirloom tomatoes


About to eat my first "fresh, not frozen" durian with Chrissy and Joel. 


That is what you call durian bliss.  Ok. Ok... so I ate durian all the time I was here.  So would you!


Knocking out a green juice before my talk at New Horizons.

=Thank you for joining me on this photo post.  More to come...

Love and durian,

Philip @ Lovingraw