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5 Tips for making Raw Food easy

Kristenraw Here's a great post from Kristen Suzanne on keeping your raw food journey easy:

Here are the first 3 tips (of 5) in an abridged format:

1. Keep it simple

Don't make a bunch of different recipes with different sides and different desserts, etc. Simply pick out 3-5 recipes you'll make for the week.

2. Keep things on hand
I always have raw crackers, desserts (cookies, ice cream, mousse, cheesecake), milks, cheese dip and pate in the freezer. So, all I have to do the night before we're going to eat it is take it out and thaw.

3. Liquids are high energy and easy

I can't say enough about how healthy, easy and high energy liquids can be in your diet. I start every single day with either Plant Blood or a smoothie (it's usually green). Often (and very often) I stick with liquids for most of the day. This ensures I have extra energy and it's so healthy because it gives your digestive system a break.

You can read the full post here at kristensraw.blogspot.com