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Bridging a Community


Next stop...

Lovingraw Tour – California
One of my friends affectionately calls it the EgoTour.  At first I was like “nooo,” then I thought, maybe?  Sometimes in an effort of trying to squash the ego, I find that I re-live it.  I am not attached to it though, just having fun, working my magic, living in the moment.

Tour Stops

  • 1st: Florida (April)
  • 2nd: London (May)
  • 3rd: California (June)
  • 4th: Chicago (July)
  • 5th: Ontario (July)
  • 6th: Alaska (July)
  • 7th: Across the U.S. (Aug-Sept)

And then the tour really begins. 
There is a plan for a documentary to be made as I travel across the U.S. with a group of friends, from NYC to Sedona, and back.  More info on that to come.

San Francisco
My first stop in California was checking out the San Fran and Berkeley area.  It was my first time there, and I was definitely loving it.  I ran across so many healthy looking people, tons of bicycle riders, and happy smiles all around.

I was walking into Café Gratitude when I met John Werner, who recognized me from my site.  He graciously offered to be my Berkeley tour guide for the day.  So the following day we toured Berkeley, and John showed me the hiking connector Dan Millman talks about in his book “The Peaceful Warrior.”  I really wanted to see the trail because I am a big Millman fan, but had no idea how I would... I am so grateful. 

Then I spent the following day with raw playboy Vinit, who just happened to be in San Fran on business.  We went cruising the Bay area on scooters, from the beach to the Golden Gate Bridge... styling I might add.

Raw synchronicity and connections, I love it.


Cafe Gratitude

Everyone is talking about Café Gratitude, on both the East and West Coast.  Café Gratitude is a raw food restaurant where “affirmations” are on the menu.  Order a cacao smoothie and you have to tell your waiter, “I Am Luscious.”  When they hand you your drink they affirm back to you, “You Are Luscious.”  Quite a pleasurable experience for an affirmation-loving guy like me.

This place felt like home the minute I walked in the door.  I was literally surrounded by smiles, laughter, good food, and great energy.  I wasn’t in there for longer than 15 minutes and I had already talked to the "smoothie bartender" and about 5 waitresses.  People were just so engaging… you would be hard pressed to feel lonely there.

I give Café Gratitude Two Thumbs Up.  I was staying at a friend’s house 45 minutes away and in the 5 days I was there, I went to the Café 9 times.  No, I am not kidding.  I also went to the Café’s Sacred Commerce full day workshop, held by Matthew and Terces Engelhart, owners of the restaurant.  To say the class was anything other that amazing would be an understatement.  I was also invited to their son’s Rayland’s birthday party jam later on that night, which was happy, loving, and rocked out!


Also, an awesome group of GI2MR members met me at the Café the other day for dinner and we partied like rock stars!  Conscious conversation, great food, and beautiful people.  Thank you everyone.

Central Coast
I am spending some time with my uncle… with purpose.

  1. Get him off his diabetes meds and losing weight.
  2. Spend as much time walking as the beach as possible.

He has been raw for 4 days so far and has lost 8 lbs, and his blood sugar levels have never looked better.  Yeah Raw!  More Cali pics.

Los Angeles
Last night I was in LA with Matt Monarch for his “Raw Food Transformation” lecture.  There was a full house present, and the event was a blast... and I got to share a few times too! 

Then on the 22nd a big group of GI2MR members will be meeting at 7pm at Au Lac.  Visit the Los Angeles GI2MR board to RSVP.

Everyone has a different path and mission in life.  Right now I feel mine is to be one of the many superhero pied pipers for the raw food movement.  Bridging gaps, connecting people, and inspiring as many people along the way as possible. 

What is your Dharma? 
I would love to hear from you.

Infinite Blessings,

PS.  Click here for my new Green Popcorn Recipe.