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CreVax & Nathans Naturals false advertising update: almost all the Ads are off!

Update: Linda Ellis-Thompson's photo has been pulled from the site.

It looks like CreVax and their parent company, Nathan's Naturals, have felt the pressure from our emails + phone calls and have taken down (almost) all the false advertising that involved our fellow raw foodies. Don't mess with the raw food clan baby! We'll bring it hardcore... goji berries in one hand and kombucha in the other.

First off, big thanks to everyone who called or emailed or sent positive vibrations. Big thanks to Raw Food Talk and Kevin Gianni for spreading the word. Raw'k Stars... all y'all.

Secondly, there is still one more raw foodie they've forgotten to take off the site. Linda Ellis-Thompson is being portrayed as a "Shayla", a CreVax supporter, instead of Linda Ellis-Thompson raw food champ. And like the Army (but way more fresher), we leave no man or woman behind.

Drop CreVax another email or call (206-203-3130) or contact the FTC (as Kevin suggests) on behalf of Linda and and our community.

Here is the false Ad (view a larger version).


Here is a great video from Kevin Gianni and The Renegade Health Show.