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CreVax & Nathans Naturals steal photos of raw foodist to use in weight loss Ads

Update: It looks like CreVax and their parent company have felt the pressure from our emails + phone calls and have taken down the false advertising that involved our fellow raw foodies. Don't mess with the raw food clan baby! We'll bring it hardcore... goji berries in one hand and kombucha in the other.

Big thanks to everyone who called or emailed or sent positive vibrations. Raw'k Stars... all y'all.

Now, I'm willing to bet $1000 that the rest of the testimonials are equally fake, but at least our raw entourage is off the site.

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This is way too funny.

When your miracle weight loss pill doesn't work what do you do? Why not just steal some before and after photos of people that loss weight naturally?

CreVax, a popular "natural" weight loss pill (distributed by Nathan's Naturals), is using before and after photos of well known raw foodist on their website with totally false names and testimonials.

I appreciate all the wonderful women at rawfoodtalk.com who let us know about this.

I filled out their contact form to let them know (in a loving way) that this is false advertising. If you have 1 minute, I'd appreciate if you do the same. You can also call Nathans Natural's at 206-203-3130

Here are the ads:


Britanie Faith (real) as "Shelia" (fake)


Angela Stokes (real) as "Emma" (fake)


Joel Odhner (real) as "Talia?" (fake)

And here are a few more.

Man, don't these marketers know that cutting corners is bad news? These guys need to be smacked (compassionately) upside the head with one of Seth Godin's books.