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Delicious Detox

One of the most liberating benefits of switching to a raw food lifestyle is the delicious detox that you can experience.  For many that are unprepared this can be quite a challenge.  Having a good support system and plan of action is key.

Today I will share three techniques that have helped me address my spiritual, mental, and physical being:

Quantum Healing
"We are energy beings.  Each of us has a unique energetic vibration.  But, our authentic energy is constantly pulled from us by people and things that demand our attention.  A Quantum Healing session cleanses, refreshes and restores our unique, authentic energy.  After a session, you will feel lighter, more clear-headed, more balanced, and more grounded.  It will help you to shift fundamental perceptions, beliefs and expectations.  And, it will connect you more consciously to your own deepest self-reality." (alexander)

I have had the pleasure of working with Alexander I.B. of Sanavita in NYC.  Since age 17, Alexander has been leading others into greater authenticity and self-awareness.  Alexander is trained as an Evangelical Protestant Minister, Roman Catholic Priest, Swami, and Native American Shaman.  He holds an honors degree in cultural philosophy from Harvard University and a master’s degree from Weston Jesuit Theological Seminary.  Alexander’s Quantum Healing work draws heavily from Theta Healing and the practice of crystal healing, and is highly recommended.

Falling Still
“Falling Still” is a practice that can be done anywhere from 5 to 15 times a day.  Instead of long meditation sessions that often many of us never get around to doing, “Falling Still” is a 1 to 2 minute practice that is geared toward bringing you back to the present moment. 

Dhrumil introduced me to Falling Still less than 6 months ago.  The first time he explained it to me we were about to go into a business meeting and we took 2 minutes to fall still right in the car.  Just that brief break was what I needed to re-charge, re-focus, re-center, and be in the moment.  He explains it better than I do so check out his latest video here.

"Every metabolic process in the body produces waste by-products.  So even if you never ate again (breatharian) you would still need to poop.  Add to the mix, a lifetime of sticky food (usually since conception), medication, vaccinations, air conditioning, air travel & stress which over the years at body temperature, all bakes and congeals, whilst getting pushed deeper into the cells (away from the precious essential organs).  If you then take this body & change it's fuel intake to clean water, herbs and a plant based cleansing diet, then the stirred up, loosened old toxins are no longer quietly passive, but actively flowing in the bloodstream.  Colonics are the easiest, gentlest & most satisfying way to assist your bodies cleansing process & to achieve extraordinary levels of health and vibrancy." (suki)

Suki Zoe, a colon hydrotherapist, discovered SuperLife PlantFoods via colonics & fasting.  After 11 years of de-pooping colons & experimenting on her own glorious living machine, her curiosity is still ravenous.

Here's what has worked for me. What about you?