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London in Pictures... Finale

Adventures in London - Part 2 (Part I if you missed it)

There were so many pictures from my trip to London that I decided to make this final blog basically a snapshot of three different blogs that I wrote.  I hope you enjoy them!


Partying with Shazzie, the sparkly chocolate diva, in Cambridge.

The Shazzle Dazzle Blog


Enjoying the beautiful countryside with Karen Knowler - The Rawfood Coach.

The Karen Knowler Blog


Partying with Kate Magic and company at her "Raw Magic" book launch in Brighton.  The party was amazing and the book is a super food love festival.

The Kate Magic Blog


Smiling and loving life with Angela Stokes, fellow juice feaster and weight loss coach. 

Now I am off to continue the tour, Tuesday I will be flying to California.  Here is the schedule...

  • Dinner with a group of about 15 of us from GI2MR at Cafe Gratitude
  • Checking out the Harmony Festival
  • Driving down the Big Sur (coast) to my uncles house
  • Hanging out at the beach for a couple weeks
  • Going to help out Matt Monarch in LA
  • Going to Matt's yearly Ice Cream Social potluck
  • Meeting up with more GI2MR friends for dinner in LA

Maybe I will see you there

Philip @ Lovingraw

PS.  If your looking for amazing raw food to be delivered to your door in the UK check out Tina and the Raw Fairies crew.