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My Blood Analysis


Twitter Love
Early Wed morning I submitted a post on Twitter stating that I was going to be traveling to Rawvolution for lunch in LA that day.  Well, my Twitter is set-up to update my Facebook account (tech junkie) and that is when Jasmine Scalesciani saw my status update.

So you can expect my surprise when I walked up to the front door of Rawvolution and was literally attacked with hugs from Jasmine, and then kidnapped off to her lab where she gave me an amazing live and dry blood analysis.  I met Jasmine at the Raw Spirit Festival last year and really loved her presence.  You can imagine how humbled I was to think she was hanging out there waiting for me.

Blood Analysis
Jasmine of Jivaraw.com is a Masters graduate of the Tree of Life Program, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, and offers Live Blood Analysis two streets down from Rawvolution.  Check her out if your in the area.

So here is the scoop, no holds bared.

Transparency on my analysis

  1. Showing signs of dehydration. 
  2. Showing minor signs of candida.
  3. Showing signs of iron deficiency.
  4. Showing signs that kidney might have been overworked.
  5. Showing signs of inflammation in the intestines.

Even though I sort of made a check list there, it is really a good report.  I might have cleansed a little too much with the juice feast, or might not have had enough colonics during the 100 days.  Also, I might have been eating something that I might have been allergic to, which could have effected the intestines.

I don't take claim to anything though. Like I would never say, "I have anemia."  Words are power. I choose to focus on health!

To Do

  • Drink water
  • Eat foods high in iron
  • Cut down on the bananas
  • Start taking Metabolic Enzymes
  • Don't juice feast over 30 days unless your doing weekly colonics, and even then, think about it. (more to come on that)

Thank you for sharing this process with me.  Sometimes I have thought in the past that everything in my health must be perfect, after all, people are reading my posts and following me.  But what good is blogging if your not being transparent?  Modifications to this lifestyle and diet can always be adjusted and refined.  I feel amazing, and will make adjustments to feel even more amazing.  I love the process and look forward to constant growth, with EVERYTHING!

What have you noticed that can be improved in your diet?

Transparently Yours,