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Stoping playing into conspiracy theories and take real action

Conspiracy Theory media often uses fear as a way to spread the word. The challenge with using fear to fight fear is that it only creates more unconsciousness. Instead of playing into the fear, it's time to take tangible, powerful, real world action.

This post isn't anti-conspiracy or pro - I'm simply making the case for taking real action and moving away from fear]

Since the launch of YouTube and Google Video there have been many films that have surfaced about Global Banking, 9-11 and the Federal Reserve.

These videos have become quite popular, especially with people under 30. One of the most popular videos is Loose Change, the film about 9-11/global bank conspiracy. The team behind this project has sold over 1 million DVDs and has had more than 40 million views just on Google Video - making it one of most watched internet films ever.

Last year NPR found that these videos have become so popular that something like 1/3 of American's believe that the government isn't telling the whole truth when it comes to 9-11 specifically.

A lot of people who get into these videos, especially people under 30, often feel fearful and helpless after watching them. Same goes for conspiracy books on topics like the Illuminati, Free Masons and what ever else. I'm not saying that the intent of the authors and producers is to scare others, but I often get that feeling when reading the material.

I get that feeling because many of the books and videos don't focus on tangible recommendations for the readers/viewers. The focus is generally on what's wrong, how big the system and how it won't be long before the boogie man get's us all.

I have a feeling that the authors, consciously or subconsciously, know that the books/films wouldn't get as many views if they weren't scary. Which is understandable, but still contributing to the problem indirectly.

What doesn't contribute to the problem? Tangible and progressive action that gets at the root cause and achieves real results.

Here are a few of mine and I hope you have some to add in the comments:

If you're worried about the Global Banking system and the Federal Reserve, the first tangible action item you can take is to stop using credit cards, move to debit cards exclusively and try your absolute hardest never to take on debt, ever. Here is some great advice on doing just that.

If you worried about mind-control substances + chlorine/fluorine in your water, start looking for local springs like Daniel Vitalis does and educate others about the health benefits of true spring water.

If you worried about Global Warming, start moving to raw foods. It's better for the planet, but most importantly, it's better for your health. If you are a stunning example of health, others will want to do what you do and they'll be helping the planet as a side effect.

If you worried about the Illuminati or other shadowy figures, start reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and teach everyone you meet about the beauty of slowly dropping the ego. Stay as present as possible and let your external world become a reflection of your internal world. Do that and you'll inspire everyone you meet to find peace in themselves as well.

Spread the truth, but leave the fear behind. Peace externally comes from peace internally first.

Would love to hear your tangible ideas on how one can break free from the Matrix.