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Trial and Success

Steve Pavlina, an internet personal development power house, has a fantastic new post up about his experience eating raw foods to date. You can read it here.

Steve talks about 95% raw vs 100%, eating a variety of foods, experimenting with superfoods, and his recent raw food restaurant experiences. [Steve also mentions that he'll be at the Raw Spirit Festival this year!]

One thing that Steve really has down is the practice of Trial and Success. Instead just relying on the experiences of others, Steve is testing and trying everything for himself. See what works, build on it. See what doesn't work, go beyond it.

When Steve first started eating raw he was doing zero superfoods and 60-80 bananas a week. With some good experience under his belt and the support of a few friends Steve has expanded his diet a little further to include blended soups and more variety. He's closely paying attention to how he feels and his results in the gym.

In another few months I've sure he'll continue to evolve his intake of raw foods further. You don't eat how someone else tells you to... you eat in a way that works for you.

Every mentor and friend of mine that is shinning example of health has focused on what really works instead of just what should work.

Try, Succeed, Repeat.