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Earning Love Money

Steve Pavlina, personal development author and raw foodie, has a fantastic post up on How To Earn Your First Love Dollar. Thx Gala

It's an especially great read for health enthusiast who want to take their love for raw food/health and turn it into a living.

One of my favorite quotes from the post:

When you accept that first love dollar, you tell the universe, “Okay, I’m willing to be paid for this kind of work. Can you bring me more opportunities like this?” And the universe will say, “Absolutely… no problem.”

My Own Journey

Recently in my own life I've been making shifts to align my passion of health with my career. Or, to take it one step deeper, I've been allowing it to happen instead of resisting it. I've seen many signs over the last 2 years, but I'd always tell myself I wasn't ready yet. I had other things I needed to do before I embarked on this.

Then one day, while listening to an audio book, I heard Eckhart say (I'm paraphrasing), "Instead of trying to define your life's purpose, let the universe work through you. Pay attention in the present moment to signs that show up and flow with them."

Not exactly "new" information, but what clicked for me was that I had been defining my purpose on paper for so long that I didn't let the magic of life flow into my work. I was so fixated on MY vision for my life that I wasn't allowing anything else in.

Since that shift I've slowly been allowing things to take place and I couldn't be more enthusiastic about the direction that it's headed. Over the next few weeks I hope to share more details.

I'm writing about this topic because I have a feeling that a high percentage of WLIR readers are very interested in making shifts in the space of work, money and livelihood. Because when you start eating raw food, something that is so different and so on purpose, you bring that same sense of purpose to other areas of life. You may not be sure what you want to do, you just know that your energy may not be best expressed with that you're doing right now.

In my recent travels to Chicago and ATL I noticed that more conversations about business of raw taking place at the meetups than ever before. The younger folks are especially fired up to make shifts. Not only are they eager to start making some love money, but they also see the opportunity to change the game:

1 in every 7 dollars in America is spent on/in the health care system

Over 50% of all bankruptcies are due to medical debt

1.07 Trillion Dollars a Year: The estimated cost of managing the reality that 1/4 of America will be living with more than one chronic disease in the year 2020. (via SuperFoods Rx)

The world is both in need and ready for hundreds of thousands of people to bring the message of health via business.

Over the next few weeks we're going to be talking more about the business of raw and doing what you love. If you have any suggestions or questions you'd like us to include in that discussion, feel free to send them to blog [at] welikeitraw [dot] com.