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Hard at work manifesting my eco-sanctuary


But its a labor of love! Here is what has been going on with the eco-sanctuary project.

The inner garden is completely set up. Its all covered with straw to keep moisture in and weeds out, and there is now a rock pathway to give it a nice polished look.


I've put up the fencing in the back so melons and tomatoes and cucumbers can climb vertically, and will give the space a nice living wall of green in the later summer months.

All the berries are planted, and Ive already harvested some blueberries! So rewarding!


Every tree is planted. I actually pulled up some of the mail-order trees that weren't looking so hot, and replaced them with healthy trees from my local nursery. I HIGHLY recommend checking local nurseries before ordering online.


The beehives are strong and healthy.  Its amazing how well bees will do on a VARIED diet, which is free from chemical sprays. We've already had to add extra areas to give the bees more space and to prevent swarming. No honey yet, but its coming...my dad is building custom hives now that we will fill with more colonies. The more bees...the better. The world needs them.

The deck is coming soon, and the greenhouse is going to be up in August. Now everything can grow, and Ill be in NY catching up on business for a bit. I cant wait to see it in 3 weeks.

There is nothing more exciting than to see your dream become reality. We all talk about manifesting our dreams, but for it to really happen, you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Sitting around and visualizing about it all day won't get you past step 1. Mind, Body, and Spirit... don't forget that it takes each part to make the dream come alive.

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped in any way. You are there with me in spirit, and I really hope to have you there in person.