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How clean is your beach?

This past weekend I went down to Bethany Beach, here in Delaware, to chill with my family. While I was walking along the beach I kept thinking to myself, "Man I'd love to just jump in, but I bet that water is toxic as anything."

Even though Delaware is a tiny state it's filled with chemical plants, refineries and it borders New Jersey - known to locals as "the Dirty Jerz"! So naturally, I expected our beaches to be of some of the lowest quality around.

Then this morning I opened the paper and read that the Natural Resources Defense Council rated the beach I was at a 4 out of 5 when it came to water quality. Not too bad!

NRDC has a great website where they rank many of the major beaches and lakes across the US. Here's a screen shot of a beach in Hawaii.


The NDRC ranks beaches by:

  • Quality in 2007
  • 3-year trend
  • Testing frequency
  • Closing/advisory practice
  • Basis for closing/advisories

How clean is your beach?