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[Launch] GI2MR Member Map


From the get-go, one of the main goals of Give it to me Raw has been: help raw enthusiast share and grow in the company of friends. We're enthused to announce today that we've just gotten a little closer to that goal.

Today we've launched the GI2MR Member Map, (must be a GI2MR member to see).

The map is a dynamic map that let's GI2MR members add their location so that they can let other members know where the reside. The map doesn't retail address information, so you don't have to worry about stalkers, but it will give your general city + state location if you choose to opt-in.

Why it's useful:

  • Making Friends: Let's say you just moved to Brooklyn from California and you're interested in making new buddies that are also into health. You open the map and whoa, 6 other people in Brooklyn. Sweet!
  • Getting People Together: Let's say you live in Kanasa City and you're thinking about hosting a potluck. You open the map zoon into the area and find 3 other people in a 20 mile radius. You click on their profiles, contact them and bam ... potluck schedule for next Saturday.
  • Visiting: Let's say your planning a trip to London this fall but you have no idea where to buy what or if there are any restaurants that serve raw food. You open the map, zoom into London and reach out to a nice raw food bloke who gives you more tips than you know what to do with.

Now that we're quickly approaching 3,000 members on GI2MR, we have a feeling that there will be thousands of more uses our members will be able to get out of this map. Uses that we've never imagined.

If the map looks a little small in numbers right now, give it a week. The map is opt-in so it will take some time for the membership base to get on board.

One last note, you have to be a member of GI2MR to access the map. If you aren't, have no fear. Membership is free and easy.

We hope you enjoy!