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RawMom.com, a note to my future wife


In a world filled with mis-education and bad press (for vegan parents), 8 multitasking mothers are here to set the record straight about what it takes to be a healthy, happy, raw food mommy.

RawMom.com has been around since Feb 2008, but I've only recently had a chance to dive into the site and appreciate the plethora of information. If you're knew to Raw Mom, like me, here are 3 great posts to start you off:

The 4 Worst Foods for your Fertility
Whether you are struggling with some nasty cravings or not, it’s always good to have yet another reason to keep away from these health and fertility thwarting no-no’s!

Natural Tips for Managing Morning Sickness
Theories abound about morning sickness, but no one knows the exact cause of this less than pleasant pregnancy experience. Very few women escape it all together, most experience at least some mild nausea, and another unfortunate few have their head in a toilet for the better part of their first trimester, if not longer. Regardless of its severity, there are ways to make morning sickness a little more manageable

Pregnant Women Go Nuts……..for Coconuts!
Folklore aside, there is now scientific evidence of the numerous health benefits of coconuts. While these health-boosting properties extend to everyone, they can be particularly beneficial to pregnant women. Here are some of the amazing ways the coconut can be a pregnant woman’s best friend.

Big ups to the Raw Mom team (Amy, Tera, Joanne, Penny, Monique, Shannon, Ardis and Stephani). You ladies are addressing the topic of motherhood and diet in a fun and insightful way. I hope my future wife is reading your blog right now!