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Shazzie on Raising Raw Vegan Children

Shazzie has some very interesting comments on raising raw vegan unsupplemented children.

The truth is, though I'd love to see it, I have never once seen a 100% raw 100% vegan 100% unsupplemented child past breastfeeding age who has no tooth decay and is the correct weight and height for their age. Not one. Ever.

I've don't have kids and I haven't personally had a chance to see many raw kids, but the one's that I have seen have either been supplemented or mostly raw. I wonder if the Raw Moms have had the same experience?

I really applaud Shazzie for sharing her experiences. Eating raw foods is not about maintaining a belief system, it's about getting results. And if you're not getting the results you need then something has to change.

Shazzie goes a little more indepth into this topic in her interview with RawkinRadio.