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The Walk to End Walking NYC, a call for speakers

One of the challenges with our allopathic medical culture is the lack of action an individual can take to improve the health of others. If your child has autism or your sister has cancer, you are generally left with two options:

  1. Spread the message about early detection
  2. Host a fundraiser or walkathon to help provide money for research

Great intentions, but billions of dollars and t-shirts later, are we really any closer to getting to the root cause of disease?

Here is an event that is here to change the game.


The Walk to End Talking
Preventative holistic healthcare, not the walkathon, is the best response to chronic disease in our culture.

On Sunday September 14th, in Tompkins Square Park NYC, a collective of health educators, celebrities and organizations are getting together to host an event to end all walks.

The day will be filled with lectures, meditation sessions, food, vendor booths, music and dancing.

The organizing team, which is lead by Alexander I.B. of SanaVita and EMU, is finalizing the list of speakers for the day and is interested in having the raw food community represented. Many of us will be at Raw Spirit Festival, but if you're not going this will be a fantastic local event that will provide tons of press and exposure.

If you're interested in more info shoot Alexandar an email at alexandar [at] sanavita [dot] org and tell him that WLIR sent you.

And if you interested in attending we'll  be sure to provide more updates on The Walk to End Walking as the date get's closer.