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WLIR community twitter bot: post a tip or ask a question


Twitter has become a fantastic place for raw foodies to hang out and support one another. Everyday wonderful conversations are taking place and friendships are being strengthened.

[If you have no idea what twitter is, watch this]

Today we have some fun twitter news. We've launched a We Like It Raw community twitter bot that will strengthen the already amazing twitter connection that our raw food community has.

If you have a twitter account, the bot will allow you to post a raw food related tip or question when you send a message to @welikeitraw. Once the question gets posted, it will be sent to all the We Like It Raw twitter followers and posted on the welikeitraw twitter bages on the home pages of welikeitraw.com and giveittomeraw.com.

Here's why I think it's useful:

Scenario 1 / Asking a Question
Let's say your at your local Whole Foods and you're buying ingredients to make a raw lasagna. The thing is Whole Foods ran out organic olive oil, so you're wondering if flax oil will be an okay replacement. You bust out your mobile phone and send a twitter message to @welikeitraw asking the community what they think. Within a few minutes you have a couple of responses back.

Scenario 2 / Posting a Tip
Now, let's say your hanging out a David Wolfe seminar in Canada and you hear David say something like, "The best way to reduce teeth sensitivity is to brush with a water + 2% food grade hydrogen peroxide solution." You think yourself, "Man, that's great advice!" So you decide to share that advice when you get back home by getting on your computer and sending a twitter message to @welikeitraw . Bamn! The whole community learns something from your experiences. You're a hero!

Now of course there is nothing wrong with posting the above items directly to your own twitter account... but when you post to the @welikeitraw account, you're leveraging the We Like It Raw network. As a community we're taking advantage of a central place to post tips and ask questions using twitter.

Getting Started

  1. Join twitter (if you already are there you're good to go)
  2. Go to the welikeitraw twitter page and hit follow
  3. When ever you have a tip or question just post it by sending a message like this:

@welikeitraw Does anyone have a good link for buying raw agave nectar online?


@welikeitraw Gnosis Chocolate has a sale. 1 free bar with every 5 bars you purchase.

Big thanks to Fred Wilson, Rick Stratton and Alex Iskold for sharing their twitter bot code. They have a great twitter community bot for reviewing wines called winetweets.