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You are what your mothers eats!

From BBC News (thx Amy Doshi) - "Eating a poor diet when pregnant or breastfeeding may cause long-lasting health damage to the child, animal studies suggest:"

"It seems that a mother's diet whilst pregnant and breastfeeding is very important for the long-term health of her child.

We always say: 'You are what you eat', but in fact it may also be true that you are what your mother ate."

That was Dr Stephanie Bayol, one of the researchers in recent study that tested the effects that a mother's poor diet had on her babies

More from the BBC:

The offspring of rats fed fatty, processed food had high levels of fat in their bloodstream and around major organs even after adolescence.

The animals had a raised diabetes risk - even if they ate healthily.

Studies by the same team have already shown that rats whose mothers were fed junk food during pregnancy and breastfeeding were more likely to crave similar snacks themselves.

However, the new twist is that even when weaned off this diet themselves, the damage may already have been done, they suggest

This of course is not knew knowledge, cultures have know this for years, but for the medical institution this is pretty big. Most researches and doctors still have a hard time understanding that food effects people in general. So a study that shows that a mother's diet effects the baby totally blows the concept that "food doesn't matter" out of the window.

Takeaway: Eat like shit when you're pregnant and you're baby will 1) be more addicted to junk food and 2) the baby could even be born ripe with disease. On the flip side you eat well and you think well and you stay grounded spiritually and man, you'll have some really happy, healthy and successful children.

Although it doesn't play as big of direct roll, the fathers pre-conception diet and sperm strength also great impacts the babies health.