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Alaska - The Final Frontier


I have wanted to visit Alaska my entire life, so when I got invited to fly over and speak at The Conscious Living Festival I jumped at the chance.  Dreams of seeing glaciers, icebergs, and drink real pure water, I was literally vibrating with excitement.  I was even looking forward to the 10+ hour plane ride over, and that is miracle in itself.


Blue Green Waters
Standing in front of the ice-cold blue green water was truly a sight to be seen.  I really resonate with this color as it’s how I often view my heart chakra, and is very comforting for me.  As I stood there in awe of icebergs floating in the water and glaciers on the surrounding mountains I wondered to myself if there was any other place on the earth that was so serene and pure. 

Sure there are wonderful vacation spots and many places of beauty, but this felt so untouched, so pure, so right.  I think as a nation we have forgotten about Alaska to an extent.  Maybe people opt for cruises in the surrounding waters with an occasional excursion, but what percentage of people actually spend time right in the middle of Alaska?  So many go for warm climates, which is nice in its own respect, but there is something magical about being in this cool refreshing weather.


During my visit I got to enjoy the ever-changing light cycle as well.  It was pretty light out until around 11pm, and never really got completely dark at all, no matter the time.  This is great for late night hikes through the woods (yes, I saw my first wild bear), mountain running uphill, and just working and playing right outside in your back yard. 

It could be strange to adjust to, as I feel that my body wants to sleep at a certain point, no matter now light it is outside.  But, I did slowly adjust.  It did get me thinking how much more productive we could be as a people if we all lived in that environment.


Real Water
The event that left the greatest impression on me was a simple one, drinking water.  My friend Kristi was nice enough to take me to this amazing water outlet on the side of the road, often overlooked by even the locals.  My first thought was that it was a natural spring, in which case I of course wanted to taste the water.  When I found out that it was actually water from a melting glacier, tunneled through the side of a mountain, which has literally been there before pollution... to say that I was ecstatic to taste it would be an understatement. 

So after pouring myself a glass I first looked at the clarity in the water.  No floating sediments or objects, really pure.  Ok, ready to taste it.  It hit my lips and was ice cold.  Then I noticed that the water was really silky smooth and went down easy, no after-taste at all.  But what really shocked me, and what I had to drink many many glasses of water to confirm was that the moment I poured the water into my mouth it felt like it disappeared.  My description isn’t doing it justice by any means but somehow someway it just disappeared.  I drank a large glass of water in seconds, and didn’t even feel the water going down my esophagus.   I noticed the water fill my mouth, and then it felt like it just turned into light.  All I know was that it put a smile on my face, did an amazing job of hydrating me, and made me so happy.  The idea of this magical water excited me so much that I have decided to host a retreat there next year.  Are you ready for your glacial activation?

Thank you Alaska.
Thank you Gaia for the amazing water.

We are blessed.


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