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Beliefs and Briefs on GI2MR

Give it to me Raw (GI2MR) is out community site. It's a place for people to have intimate discussions about raw foods and the raw food life style.

Today I want to highlight two very interesting conversations taking place in the forums section.

Firstly: What do your beliefs have to do with anything?
A conversation about the nature of beliefs and how they tend to limit the growth of discussions. I started this conversation last night after seeing the word "believe" thrown around on the comments section of WLIR and in a few discussions at GI2MR.

I always smile when I see people on health forums throw the word "believe" around.

"I don't believe in supplements. I don't believe in eating meat. I don't believe in cacao. I don't believe in juicing. I don't believe in taking B12. I don't believe kids should be raw. I don't believe in this or that..."

What the hell do your beliefs have to do with anything?

First off: The nature of a belief is that it is inherently limited. Beliefs are based on individual experiences, yet people use them in an attempt to blanketly define the experiences of others.

Let's take the following statement: "I don't believe in taking supplements."

Read the full post here

Secondly: What do your briefs have to do with anything?
A funny conversation created in the Raw Humor group by GI2MR Member Pete Vincent about deciding what briefs to wear when you first wake up in the morning. Pete has a great sense of humor and it's post like this that make sure we don't get too serious at GI2MR. I'm not saying I'm deserving of some credit for inspiring this discussion, but briefs does sound a lot like beliefs. : )

Every morning we are all faced with the same kind of problems. Waking up, getting out of bed, finding the bathroom, and then comes the biggest decision of all. What briefs do you wear. Briefs dictate the kind of mood that we are in for the rest of the day. Do you choose the daring kinky red silky ones that kind of guarantee that you are going to get yourself into some kind of trouble during the day. Do you wear the tight G string that persistently draws your attention to your base shakra area causing you to continually redress yourself like Michael Jackson dancing on stage.

Read the full post here

Much love to all the members of GI2MR. They've created such a support structure for one another that I just can't but to smile.

If you aren't a member yet, have no fear. Membership is 100% free. Just go to
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