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ElixirCraft Mastery Course with Daniel Vitalis

Our homeboy Daniel Vitalis, the world famous alchemist and raw food ninja, has quite an exciting new course he's put together on the subject of ElixirCrafting.

The 6 week course consists of 6 lectures that take place every Thursday night. The course starts on September 11th and concludes on October 16th.

Daniel is well respected by countless health authors and practitioners for his in-depth of knowledge of nutrition and his ability to present his information so clearly. If you're interested in hearing the latest science on the subject of elixirs, I highly recommend making the investment.

Here are some more details on the course:

Phase - I ElixirCraft Mastery Course
6 weeks, 6 lectures via an intimate teleconference with Daniel Vitalis

September 11th through October16th Beginning 7PM EST
Space is Limited to 13 students

$229.00 investment in your health

Contact ElixirCraftProtege [at] gmail [dot] com to sign up or ask questions

Registration ends August 15th

Here's a little more about Mr. Vitalis and what you can expect from the course:

Each lecture will last a minimum of 60 minutes, maximum 120 minutes with an open forum for questions at the end of each lecture.

Also included so you can listen as many times as you wish: A Digital MP3 file of each weeks lecture

Between class times ElixirCrafts' Goddess-Istant, LeighLon will be available through private e-mail to answer any questions that may come up for you.

Prior to the start of training a structured lecture guide for each call shall be provided to you so you may prepare notes and questions in advance.