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Measuring energy gains

Steve Pavalina has another great post up about raw food. This one is about measuring energy gains.

Recently on his blog Steve posted an update to his raw journey saying that he's experienced vast energy gains on the raw food diet. Many of his readers wondered, "How are you measuring/comparing those gains? How can you be sure that they are not just mental?"

Steve replied by using an analogy of being under the influence of alcohol. I have to say this is right on the money:

Eating cooked foods every single day is a lot like drinking alcohol every single day. If you do it long enough, it will seem totally normal to you. The feeling that non-drinkers would describe as inebriated, you would define as normal because that’s the best condition you know. Until you drop the habit for an extended period of time, you’ll never know what the alternative feels like. You’ll never know what it feels like to be “sober.”

Steve continues by comparing his journey from veg to vegan and vegan to raw:

Going from vegetarian to vegan was like being under the influence of 8 ounces of beer at all times and then suddenly being alcohol-free. There was a short detox period, and then I felt significantly clearer. More of the fog had lifted. The positive change was more pronounced, and the benefits were greater compared to the first change.

Going from vegan to raw was like being under the influence of 12-24 ounces of beer at all times and then being suddenly alcohol-free. There was a longer, more severe detox period, but afterwards the gains in mental clarity were unmistakable. The ongoing degree of improvement was more variable, fluctuating from good to great. My body-mind seemed like it went through a major upgrade. So this is how my mind is supposed to work? Wow! What a fog I’ve been living under this whole time! I feel so awake and alert!

Amen to that brother!

You can read the full post and more at stevepavlina.com/blog