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Nature's way: Getting Ripped on Raw Foods


This is Mr. Nature Love. For those of you that are new to the blog, Nature is my primary raw food mentor. I've done a few podcasts with Nature on this blog (part 1, part 2) and also referenced him in my last Get Fresh article.

Nature's been eating a raw food diet for 8+ years and has been almost exclusively vegetarian since he was 15 years old. Even at 40+ years of age Nature is still the most fit and most ripped raw foodist I've ever met (check out these). Nature is also very grounded spiritually. His motivation doesn't come from external factors, but rather a deep sense of presence inside. He does his own thing and isn't driven by belief systems.

I've been very blessed for the last 7 years to have Nature as a friend and mentor on my journey. And still, there are so many more things I want to learn from him, especially in the area of fitness. I have a feeling that others also want to hear more from Nature on this topic and related ones.

So on Sunday, while we were having tea, I asked Nature if he'd be game to create a sort of "Getting Ripped on Raw Foods" guide that focused on 3 primary areas:

  • Training: His workouts are simple, but intensity focused - he treats working out as a meditation not a chore. What exercises does he do and how often?
  • Nutrition: Nature eats 1 main meal a day and drinks a large glass of green juice, most of his diet is greens. But what exactly does he eat and how much?
  • Mentality: Nature says, and I agree, that this by far is the most important area of focus. What things has Nature experienced first hand that have shaped his mentality in the area of fitness? How does one stay motivated? What is his motivation? Etc..

I've benefited greatly from Nature's mentorship within raw foods, now I want to take and apply his advice to the world of fitness. I'm creating this guide first and foremost for myself, but I have a feeling that others are going to want to hear how Nature get's his results.

This guide will be a combination of audio, video and some written information. It will include interviews with Nature as well as footage of him training.

This post isn't a plug though, I'm actually sharing all this information to ask you what questions or topics you'd like to see Nature address in this guide. What do you want to learn about? What areas would you like Nature to focus on?

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section. We can't promise we'll cover everything, but we'll certainly consider it.

[Side Note] There have been a few books and ebooks published on the topic of raw foods and fitness, but Nature and I are hoping to bring something new to the table. We want to be 100% honest with all the information we share and focus helping people get real results instead of selling and idea.

Lastly, one of Nature's conditions in agreeing to put this guide together was that I personally dedicate the time and energy necessary to build my own strength and fitness. Of course I couldn't be more excited. This is just the accountability I needed. I'll certainly keep WLIR readers updated on my progress.