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Raw Spirit Festival Networking

Kris Carr, Philip McCluskey, Anthony Anderson, Karen Knowler, Kevin Gianni, Steve Prussack, Angela Stokes, Matt Monarch, David & Katrina Rainoshek, David Wolfe, Dr. Cousens, Dr. Thomas Lodi, Mike Adams, Hira Ratan Manek...

These folks are going (and these guys too), will you be joining?

Whether you're planning on going to the 2008 Raw Spirit Festival (wlir affiliate link) or you're just looking to be convinced, we've setup the perfect place for you to network before hand.

GI2MR Raw Spirit Festival Networking Forum

Find & share rooms, find & share transportation, see who else is going and make friends before hand.

Of course there are tons of other great conversations happening about the festival on other forums too (feel free to link to them in the comments), we just wanted to get in the mix since we have so many fantastic, and good looking, people who are part of our community.