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Requesting your help to put Raw Food on the map

I do my best not to ask for much from the readers of this blog. In fact I've only reached out for support when I've deemed something to be a worthy cause, (like the CreVax issue). Well today my friends, I have a worthy cause that I'm requesting some assistance on.


VegNews Magazine, the most popular vegetarian print magazine, is currently hosting their annual Veggie Awards. And this year there are over 6 raw and raw friendly businesses, authors and website that are up for an award in their category, including We Like It Raw.

Honestly, we could care less if you vote for us specifically, but we are requesting that you help put raw food on the map by voting for both the raw nominees officially listed and writing in your favorite raw nominee where appropriate.

Winners get prizes, but here's the deal... We'll give away any prize we get from this contest to one of our readers. Maybe setup some sort of fun little contest of our own.

You can vote online today by clicking here (voting ends August 31st)

Let's bring some thunder to the world of Vegetarian and Vegan living! Vote for any raw food author, business, website or crew that you feel is really doing there thing big.

Here are some of the categories where raw food nominees are present:

Favorite Veg Blog
* welikeitraw.com

Favorite Cookbook Author
* Ani Phyo

Favorite Athlete
* Tim VanOrden

Favorite Vegetarian Restaurant
* Java Green (Washington, DC) (raw friendly)
* Candle 79 (NYC) (raw friendly)
* Chicago Diner (Chicago) (raw friendly)
* Or you can write in Pure Food and Wine

Here are some of the categories where writing in a raw food nominee might be appropriate:

Favorite Vegan Chocolate
* Gnosis

Favorite Vegan Cookie
* Write in Kookie Karma

Favorite Non-Dairy Ice Cream
* Write in Organic Nectars Raw Ice Cream

Favorite Supplement
* Write in Vitamineral Green or Sun Is Shinning or Pure Synergy

Favorite Musician
* Write in Jason Muraz

Favorite Forum
* Write in goneraw.com

The above write ins are just suggestions. Feel free to vote for anything raw worthy!

Let's put raw food on the map!