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Agave: The new ad network by We Like It Raw

Today we launch Agave, the advertising network for the Raw & Living Foods community.

Raw friendly advertisers looking to reach an influential audience of raw foodies can now purchase ads that run across our network of sites. We only serve one ad per page and currently we're only accepting 8 ad slots for the month of October, of which three have already been purchased. Our special October introductory rate is $400 per ad slot.

Currently the Agave network includes ads on We Like It Raw and Give It To Me Raw. The network delivers about 736,000 ad impressions a month.

We launched Agave not only as a vehicle to generate revenue, but also as a vehicle to help promote the raw friendly companies we love. As the raw food community grows, it's important that a diverse array of business, coaches, products, websites, restaurants and healing centers grow along with it, to help create the health infrastructure of the future.

If you're a raw friendly advertiser who's interested in reaching some of the most health conscious citizens on the web, then Agave is for you.