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Dr Alejandro Junger MD on his journey and the practice of Open Minded Medicine


Download the interview | 1 hour and 11 minutes

Our guest today is Dr Alejandro Junger. Dr Junger is a live food friendly MD and a practitioner of Open Minded Medicine. Open Minded Medicine is a term that Dr Junger coined to describe his practice of bringing both eastern and western tools to the table, without judgment, to best serve the patient at hand.

Dr Junger has been a guest on the Martha Stewart Show, he's advised Donna Karan and her Urban Zen Initiative and he's the the author of the forthcoming book Clean, which will be published by Harper Collins in early 2009. Today he lives in Los Angeles and practices in New York City at the Elven Elven Wellness Center with Dr Frank Lipman MD.

In our one hour interview with Dr Junger we talk about the influence meditation has had on his journey, what his experiences with healing in India taught him about the practice of medicine, and how a spa in California totally transformed his concept of healthy living.

Topics Covered

Life growing up

  • Life growing up in Uruguay and Dr Junger's relationship with food and spirit
  • How Dr Junger received a synchronistic invitation to NYC to conduct his medical training

Studying the mind

  • Dr Junger's experiences working at Lenox Hill and how he thought he was going mad because his mind wouldn't stop "chattering"
  • His visit to a series of psychiatrists, their recommendations for what Dr Junger should do to deal with his mind and what he learned by watching them
  • The story of how Dr Junger started to take matters into his own hand when it came to his mental health and how it all started at the book store
  • Dr Junger's profound meditation experiences at a small center in up-state New York

Growing in India

  • How Dr Junger came to India with no expectations or ambitions other than to serve the poor and learn how to "shut up the mind"
  • What life was like as a western doctor in India and how he started to notice his attention to patient evolve do to his meditation experiences
  • How his head was "cracked open" by all the forms of healing techniques he witnessed first hand and the wide array of health practitioners he was meeting
  • Dr Junger's "you cannot argue with success" philosophy and why that's more important to him than a double-blind study

Creating a new beginning in America

  • Dr Junger's confusion about his next steps in life and how a private meeting with his spiritual teacher helped guide him
  • The two absolute commands his teacher gave him before Dr Junger embarked on his next steps
  • The realities of dealing with the Western medical system and how that crushed a few of Dr Junger's big ambitions of bringing eastern healing methods to the west
  • How he felt his role as a western doctor was reduced to dispensing medicine and conducting expensive tests

Live Food & Detoxification

  • How his routine of taking notes, dispensing prescriptions and seeing patient  every 5 minutes numbed him and how a local friend and movie produced re-awakened Dr Junger's Spirit
  • How colonics, green juice and whole foods supplements changed Dr Junger's Life forever
  • Dr Junger's experiences in getting rid of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 7 days and his depression in 14 days
  • Dr Junger's study of live food and how they were helped by the We Care Spa
  • Dr Junger's experiences in downtown Los Angeles and how he became a student of functional medicine

Open Minded Medicine

  • What Dr Junger means by being an Open Minded Doctor
  • Working with the Urban Zen and how Dr Junger met Donna Karan
  • Meeting Dr Lipman and moving to New York to work at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center
  • The Inconvenient Truth of Global Toxicity
  • The Clean program and the Spent program and how Dr Junger and Dr Lipman work with local health practitioners like Dr David Jubb
  • How Dr Junger is bringing the practice of Open Minded Medicine back to Lenox Hill where his medical journey started

Health & the Intestines

  • Why health starts with digestion
  • Dealing with the root cause of dis-ease and starting by restoring the integrity of the intestinal tract
  • Dr Junger uses his own case study of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and an example
  • Dr Junger talks about his book forthcoming book Clean

Later today this interview will also be available via iTunes on the We Like It Raw Podcast.