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GI2MR Meetup at the Raw Spirit Festival

The Raw Spirit Festival is going down next week and a bunch of GI2MR members will be present.

Since a lot of folks are attending the festival for the first time, we (Philip and Dhrumil) thought it would be great to create a few central opportunities for everyone to meet up together.

Details are in the audio clip here and listed below:

GI2MR / Raw Spirit Meetup Day 1

  • Friday September 12th, 2008
  • 3:00pm in the Discovery Dome
  • Philip's talk on Emotional Eating, networking afterward

GI2MR / Raw Spirit Meetup Day 2

  • Saturday September 13th, 2008
  • 11:30am in the Sharing Circle Section
  • Philip's Sharing Circle

More informal networking will be going down throughout the festival around the Gnosis Chocolate booth. Just flash the We Like It Raw sign so they know you're legit!

p.s. I personally (this is Dhrumil here) won't be making it out this year. Last minute my plans have changed do to some family obligations. I'll have to save that tie dye suit for next year : ) - Wish everyone the best!