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The Trap of 100%


Anthony at the Raw Spirit festival sharing authentically about his raw journey

When I first learned about eating raw, the clear logic totally convinced me and I went into it 100%.

I felt AMAZING within 2 weeks, but because I didn't have the social support or culinary knowledge, I found myself very vulnerable. If I would have let go of the "all or nothing" mode of thinking, I could have allowed myself to have some cooked food once in a while, and simply got back on track afterward. No guilt, no stress.

But I was convinced that 100% was the way to go. Since I was still addicted to my old eating habits, my old self was NOT letting go. I felt denied... abandoned... full of lack. So I would binge on cooked food and put myself into a downward spiral. I should have just had a little bit, but since I felt so deprived, I would always go to the extreme.

Learn from my early mistakes. Please don't feel that if you have something cooked that some how you are no longer "raw". Be 100% yourself and 100% healthy. If you feel that some cooked food will help your social life and your sanity, by all means have some. Notice your desires because, as the old saying goes, "what you resist will persist, what you accept you rise above". Remember to enjoy your journey. If you are feeling deprived something is definitely wrong. Eating healthy isn't supposed to be a struggle.

Getting some good raw food prep books and finding awesome recipes online helps so much. Keeping recipes simple earlier on is a good idea too. When you do things like green smoothies and eat properly combined food you'll certainly increase you changes of success. Also, making quality raw amigos will give you the chance to eat raw food around people who relate your journey. Community support is always key to one's evolution in the area of personal development and health.

Listen, we won't love you any less if you aren't "100% raw" and you won't be judge by anyone other than people who don't matter - people who are probably themselves struggling in secret! We want you to be happy and healthy.

Have fun with it... there should be no struggle. If your social life demands a little fire to your food... do what you've got to do. Or if there are some meals that are cooked that you simple enjoy, do what you got to do. Add in some greens later on to balance it out or take some digestive enzymes. This journey is not about perfection, it's about constantly improving.

Remember... the 100% mentality can trip you up. If you are ready for it, by all means go for it, but make sure you are happy. Eating exclusively raw makes me so happy now, and I enjoy it so much more than anything else, but eating 100% raw four years ago made me feel left out and deprived. That's no way to live.

You do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Here's to joy,