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Veggie Fried Rice with Don “The Dragon” Wilson


Jenna Norwood is way too cool.

I want to know how she get all these fantastic people - Mike Adams, BD Freeman, Terry Moore - to come to her cafe and make cameos on her film? It's gotta be the glow!?

And if all those people weren't bad ass enough, now Jenna is chill'n with kickboxing champions? And I'm not just talking about some home town celebrity. I'm talking Guinness Book of World Records having, 25+ films staring, damn-don't-hurt-me kickboxing champion.

Check out Jenna Norwood and Don “The Dragon”, the most winningest kickboxer around, make a simple Veggie "Fried" Rice at Jenna's Veggie Magic Cafe kitchen.

Keep up the great work Jenna!