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Angel Consciousness


Photo Credit: Jeff Skeirik

For some reason, tourists here in NYC always ask me for directions. I don't mind it a bit though, because it really does feel good to help out. As I was walking home one night, a group of young adults asked me how to get over to the East Village. I stopped and really gave them my attention.

After parting, one of the girls yelled - "You're and angel!!! Thank you!"

You can't buy the feeling that you get from helping others. Seriously. Helping others without expecting anything back is essential to our happiness.

After the quick interaction, I had 20 more minutes until I reached home. This gave me time to think about what the nice girl said to me.

Are we actually angels and don't know it? Who says that angels have to have wings? Is an angel a thing or a state of being? Truth is my authority, not the other way around, so this thought had me going.

What if you believed deep down that you were actually an angel, here on this planet to do good? How would that affect your day to day existence? What if we raised our children that way? Can you imagine the possibilities? 

If one reaches "Angel Consciousness", could they create Heaven on Earth quicker for themselves and their loved ones?

Is Angel Consciousness actually god Consciousness? Is it one step away? Do you see yourself as divine? Do you see yourself as an angel? What would ever make you believe that you weren't? Maybe we all are... but somehow we've forgotten.

Here's a story from The Power of Now that Dhrumil shared with me:

The Beggar and His Treasure

A beggar had been sitting by the side of the road for thirty years. One day a stranger walked by.

"Spare some change?" mumbled the beggar.

"I have nothing to give you," said the stranger. Then he asked: "What's that you're sitting on?"

"Nothing," replied the beggar. "Just an old box. I've been sitting on it for as long as I can remember.

"Ever look inside?," asked the stranger.

"No," said the beggar. "What's the point, there's nothing in there."

"Have a look inside," insisted the stranger. The beggar, reluctantly, managed to pry open the lid.  With astonishment, disbelief, and elation, he saw that the box was filled with gold.

I am that stranger who has nothing to give you and who is telling you to look inside. Not inside any box, as in the parable, but somewhere even closer: inside yourself.

Like the beggar sometimes it's easy for us to think that we're living a life filled with void and un-happiness. But when we start to look inside, and awaken that Angel Consciousness, magical things start to happen to us an the people around us. I say awaken because just like the beggar who has no idea what he's sitting on, we too have forgotten what treasures lay deep inside of us.

Just some living food for thought. Your reality is really yours to create. I believe this down to the core of my soul.

Be the source of light for yourself and others around you. Awaken your Angel Consciousness!