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The Business of Raw: Interview with Kevin Gianni, host of The Renegade Health Show


28 minutes | Download the MP3 | via iTunes

Today we're continuing our "Business of Raw" series with an interview with blogger, entrepreneur and health advocate, Kevin Gianni.

Kevin is the host of The Renegade Health Show, a daily video cast on the topic of holistic health. He is also the creator of Raw Summit, a multi-week raw food interview series with health leaders from across the globe. Everyday thousands of people check out Kevin's sites to get grounded and judgment free advice on healthy living.

Kevin is also well know for his ability to leverage the internet as a powerful vehicle. He has built a serious online business through the promotion of information products, and I have a feeling that almost everyone could learn a thing or two from his first hand experiences.

Topics Covered

  • How Kevin got his start as a “beer slugging loser” and eventually became a personal trainer
  • How Kevin uses the internet as two way vehicle to build community
  • How Kevin tripped and fell into being known as "raw food expert"
  • What Kevin's digital business model looks like
  • Kevin gives us the 411 on social media
  • Kevin shares a step by step way to get started on the internet to promote your brand
  • Kevin talks his newest project, Rawkathon