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Cool links from some of my Raw friends

Man, there are so many fantastic things happening in the world of raw food. Here are some links to just a few of those fantastic things:

Organic Young Thai Coconuts
My buddy Alex from Raw Guru could use your help. He's supporting a company who is importing young organic coconuts to the market - check out the RFRN review. Right now the coconut company is in need of some funds, so they are asking Alex to reach out to anyone that can to help bring in their initial pallet of coconuts. They need about 250 orders or so to reach their goal. Once this happens we will have year round organic cocos and soon will even be able to distribute them to health food stores.

Rawkathon, a 7 day raw food event
Kevin Gianni, the Renegade Health Blogger, is up to some big stuff again. October 19th he lauches Rawkathon - a 7 day Raw and Living Foods event filled with some of the raw food communities most experiences teachers. Rawkathon will last 1 week and it's totally free to sign up.

Pure Cafe, gourmet raw food to go
I've been meaning to give some major props to Cynthia Beavers. Her shipped raw meals are amazing, some of the best I've had. We'll be doing an interview with Cynthia for our "Raw Business" series soon. Stay tuned.

All Raw Directory, one-stop-shop for raw resources
My buddy Wendi has launched the All Raw Directory, a site thank makes it easier to find every single source of raw food info available on the web. She's trying to collect all the best raw resources, books, website and more under one roof and could use your assistance. Check out ARD and 1) make sure your site is in there (if you have one) and 2) add any raw/live food site you can thing of that you enjoy.

eduFire, simple language learning
In addition to being one of the coolest people I've met this year, Jon Bischke is also an amazing entreprenuer. Jon came out to our GI2MR Poconos retreat and it was there that I got to learn about his love for education and language first hand. And since so many raw foodies love learning and have way too much energy ;) , I thought recommend Jon's company eduFire as a fantastic resource. I'm currently using eduFire to learn Hindi.

Health Ranger Podcast
I've been really enjoying the podcasts that Mike Adams has been putting together over at Natural News. His latest one is with Byron Richards on Fibromyalgia.

Happy Birthday Penni!
We love Penni.

Catch A Healthy Habit Cafe in West Haven, CT
Raw all-star Glen Colello has an exciting series of events planned at his cafe for the month of October. I'm talking Food Demos, Movie Screenings, David Wolfe, Raw Parites and all that jazz. Glen's cafe is only a few skips north of NYC.

Vibrance Magazine launches
Raw Food community organizer Dave Klein has just launched Vibrance Magazine. Vibrance is the new digital offspring of Living Nutrition magazine (conceived in 1996). It's freely available through the web and Dave would appreciate any feedback you have.

SoapNuts, soap that grows on trees
I haven't had a chance to use this, but it does looks sweet! "Soap NutsTM are the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry tree (Sapindus mukorrosi), similar to the lychee. A long time ago, local folks in the South East Asia figured out that when the nuts get wet, they release saponin, a natural cleaner used for thousands of years to clean clothes, just like the plants used by Native Americans for washing."

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