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GI2MR now with iPhone compatibility, updated design and more sexy members

Here's the latest on Give it to me Raw, our social network for raw foodies.

4,200+ Members
Just a few weeks ago GI2MR officially hit 4,000 members. Our focus has never been on quantity, it's always been quality. That being said, we have a lot of community members and a lot of good looking community members! And they are so active! We have a new update on the site almost every 1 to 2 minutes.

iPhone Compatibility
I've already been scolded for making GI2MR iPhone friendly. The worry? Now people feel they're not going to be able to get any work done! Well, have no fear. We've setup an outpatient hotline for addicts. If you're one of them, just email us at support [at] welikeitraw [dot] com and we'll get you on the 12 Step Plan.

If you're on your iPhone, just click here to bring up GI2MR mobile.

Improved Designs
This one is a small but very important update. This past week we improved the design, fonts and spacing to make GI2MR much more reader friendly. Thanks for all the feedback that helped guide us.

Weekly Themes
Lastly, we started a new feature called the GI2MR Weekly Theme. This week's theme? What advice do you wish you were given before you started your raw journey? As of today there are already over 65 replies. Quite fascinating to read all the responses. I have a feeling that beginners are especially going to enjoy the thread.