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My Way: Beth (Bunny) Berry


Bunny Berry is a blogger, Raw Fu tribe leader, entrepreneur and all out fabulous human being

When Dhrumil invited me to share My Way, the first thing that came to mind was a chubby Elvis in a sequined jumpsuit, sweating out an overly dramatic rendition of the song in front of a swooning crowd of 70s housewives in Vegas, baby!  How could I resist? There are so many similarities between The King and The Bunny.  We're both Southern, and as country as cornbread.  We share a birthday week: Bunny- January 6th and Elvis- January 8th.  And we both LOVE to eat! You may not know that Elvis tried a raw food diet. He did. He only lasted 3 days.  And I am sure plenty of people that's how long my fascination with raw food would last, as well.  But here I am, 6 months later, and 30 pounds lighter, kicking it Bunny Style.

Up early to get my 4 year old, Beckett, off to Montessori school. Beckett has his normal breakfast of free range scrambled eggs, and a banana. I make myself an outrageous smoothie with a giant handful of spinach, coconut flakes, frozen blueberries,frozen blackberries, water, and throw in a Cherry Pie Larabar for a little extra umph!  My husband, Basil drinks the rest straight out of the VitaMix on his way out the door.

I spend the morning working on the Raw Fu Cookbook, doing my daily Raw Fu Video, and make a couple trips to the kitchen to grab a handful of raw pine nuts straight out of the bag.  Decadent. For lunch, I enjoy a typical Bunny tossed salad with romaine, cucumbers, sprouts and a dressing of olive oil, garlic powder, and lemon juice.  Back to work on the cookbook, the Raw Fu forums, and then it's time for a my full time paying gig.  Basil makes me a smoothie for dinner, and I work on a PowerPoint Template (sigh, I bet Elvis never had to do this) and prepare for a corporate shareholder's meeting.  I show off some serious Raw Fu multi-tasking at prime time by finishing the PPT, meeting up with friends in Chat Fu, and watching David Wolfe on the Rawkathon. Then it was  up to read bedtime stories, play a quick episode of Spiderman (I'm a mean green goblin), and lights out for Beckett.

After getting the boys off to school and work, I drank a ton of water, and headed into the Raw Fu Kitchen to tape an un-cooking demo. Rosemary pesto with ingredients from my tiny herb garden.  After I pick up Raw Fu tee shirts, try to sneak in a little cookbook time, put out fires on the Raw Fu Forums, and work the day job.  I had green juice for breakfast,  the pesto with carrot noodles for lunch, and Basil cooked spaghetti squash for dinner.  It was cold out, and I was happy to eat a heaping cup of warm spaghetti squash with my salad.  Tuesday night brought more Rawkathon, more Chat Fu, and Beckett was already asleep by the time I got up stairs.  I pulled him into my bed to sleep between me and Basil.  I missed him all day.

I was chained to my desk all day, working on paying gig. Nothing to see here. I survive on green smoothies, lara bars, and only take one break during the day. Drove out to see my mother's gorgeous new house, where she insists of feeding me an iceberg lettuce salad with Thousand Island dressing. Elvis would have loved it!

Gathered lettuce for lunch out of my own square foot garden, which is one of the highlights of my week. The garden is quickly becoming my favorite place in our little backyard paradise. Not only has my relatioship with food started to change, my relationship with Earth is taking on a new life, as well.  I realize how disconnected I've been, and it's good to get back to nature, even on a tiny scale like the 4 x 4 square foot garden in my backyard. I have twinges of wanting to sell everything, weave a yurt, and become a full blown hippie.  But then I have to ask myself, "What Would Elvis Do?", and I snapped out of it to make a jungle peanut and banana smoothie and get back to work!

Today's mission is simple. Bunny must find PANTS.  I am leaving on Saturday for a business trip to Honolulu, and all of my dress pants are now falling off because of the weight I've lost from going raw.  I grab a smoothie, head out, and come home with two pairs of pants and a huge smiled on my face.  My pants are two sizes smaller than they were on April 14, 2008 when I started this raw food journey. I end the week feeling like a hunk a burning love, and decide to stop by and visit the new Elvis statue in Honolulu while I'm there to pass on a Raw Fu tee shirt, and to let him know how I'm doing it My Way.