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Raw Spirit Festival by Philip

Above: Philip and Penni  (pic credit: Suki Zoe)

The Raw Spirit Festival held in Sedona, AZ is the years biggest raw food festival - anywhere.  It's a great time to get together with the raw food family, eat amazing food, hear the world's best speakers, and just enjoy the warm gushy lovey feeling that is so present there. 

Last year I put together a wrap-up video of the festival with a combination of music and pictures.  I worked hard on it and released in just days after the festival.  This year I decided to do it a little different.  I was speaking at the festival this year so filming was really out of the question so I decided to give my perspective of the festival, along with some people pictures of my raw family.  I hope you enjoy the film and pictures.

Click here for more pictures.

Click here for my New Raw Spirit YouTube Video.

Thank you to all that were there... for sharing a beautiful space together, manifesting magic, and rejoicing in our oneness.

Thank you for your love,

p.s. Raw Food Right Now has some great wrap up posts if you haven't already seen them. Part 1, Part 2.


(pic credit: Bunny Berry)


(pic credit: Suki Zoe)


(pic credit: Suki Zoe)