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Saying Goodbye to $100K

Last week we talked about entrepreneurs making money from raw food friendly businesses. Today I have a post about an entrepreneur saying goodbye to a decent some of cash because of raw foods. Say what?

Steve Pavlina just wrote a fantastic post about his recent decision to terminate Google Adsense on his site and the $100,000 of passive income that came along with it.

AdSense is an advertisement serving program that allows site owners to make money every time someone clicks an ad shown own their site. Steve's site, which has a reach of 2 million people a month, generates quite a large amount of ad clicks - $100K worth.

What in the world could have motivated Steve to do such a thing?

This may sound a bit odd to you, but I think the biggest single factor in making this move was my shift to a 100% raw vegan diet earlier this year. Once I went 100% raw, the subtle signals from my intuition became louder and clearer. Acting on these intuitive sensations has been causing massive ripples of change throughout all parts of my life. Dropping advertising from my website is just one of many things I’m doing to bring my external reality into better alignment with the new person I’ve become on the inside.

Earlier in the post Steve commented on the specific reason that the ads didn't jive with him any more:

It seemed rather lame to write an article on Oneness and then see ads for money-making schemes next to it. Even worse was when fast food ads popped up next to an article about the raw food diet. I quickly banned the objectionable ads of course, but lately I found myself feeling increasingly disconnected from most of the ads that were being displayed. I don’t want to generate income in a manner that makes me feel disconnected.

It doesn't matter who you are, 100K is a lot of money. And saying goodbye to it is even tougher when it is coming in passively. It's one thing to leave a job you hate where you work 80 hours a week to generate 100K. It's another thing to leave 100K on the table that is waiting for you regardless of how many hours you put in.

Major props to Steve for his choice. He's worked very hard and smart to turn his site into the income stream that it is and I'm sure this wasn't an easy thing to do. But as Steve said:

Given the choice between having an extra $100K per year of free money vs. becoming the kind of person who can kill off that much income without fear or worry, I’m grateful that I can look in the mirror and see a guy that can make the latter choice, simply because he knows he’s following the path with a heart.

Watch out people! Raw Food makes you do crazy things. Like follow your heart!

You can read Steve's full post here