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Steve Pavlina on the raw food diet, love money and his personal development journey


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Our guest today is Steve Pavlina. Steve is one of the internet's most recognized and successful bloggers. Every month over two million people visit stevepavlina.com to read Steve's unique take on personal development, which Steve calls "Personal Development for Smart People".

In addition to his internet fame, Steve has been featured and quoted as a personal development expert in everything from the New York Times to The Guardian to USA Today.

In January of this year Steve started a public raw food diet trial in an attempt to see what sorts of results he could produce in 30 days. Although the first week was a bit rough, ultimately the trial was a success. As you can imagine, this has brought a lot of positive attention to the raw food community. Google the term "Raw Food" and you'll see Steve's blog as on of the top 10 links.

When someone like Steve is successful on raw foods, you definitely want to talk to him. Steve is so in-tune with his feelings and meticulous with his study of what works that even an 8 year raw foodie like me can learn a thing or two from his experiences.

In addition to talking about his experiences with raw foods we've also invited Steve to talk about earning love money and writing his first book, Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth.

Topics Covered

The Turning Point

  • The incident that started it all, how Steve ended up in jail
  • The void that shop lifting filled in Steve's life
  • Subconscious sabotage
  • How Steve cleaned the slate and consciously chose new goals
  • The major goal Steve achieved and how it helped him rebuild

Personal Development

  • Some of the first few audio books in the field of personal development that Steve enjoyed
  • What does Personal Development for Smart people mean? And how is it holistic?
  • How "fast and easy" personal development techniques often throw people off
  • Growth vs Perfection

Raw Food Diet

  • Steve's relationship to food growing
  • The evolution from SAD to Vegetarian to Vegan and the motivation behind it
  • Steve's first raw food trial in 1998 and how it only last 3 days
  • What went wrong on Steve's first raw food trial?
  • Steve's second raw food trial and the challenges he faced trying to eat "gourmet raw"
  • Steve's January 2008 80/10 Diet and some of the successes and challenges he faced trying to maintain a high fruit diet
  • What Steve's raw food diet looks like today and why it evolved
  • Steve's take on experimentation and "trial and success"
  • What measurement Steve uses on a daily basis to check in with himself
  • How a raw food diet affected Steve's blogging
  • How too much fruit effected Steve's groundedness
  • How Steve's family reacted to his raw food diet and how it effected their own diets
  • Steve's holistic approach to raw food and how community made the biggest difference in his success
  • Raw Food and Spirituality

Making Love Money

  • Truth, love and power and how it relates to earning "love money"
  • Unconscious money beliefs that hold people back

Steve's Book: Personal Development for Smart People

  • A sneak peak at Steve's book, how it came about and what core principals he had to use to make the book happen

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