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The Business of Raw: Interview with Cynthia Beavers from Pure Raw Cafe

20 minutes | Download the MP3 | via iTunes

Today we're continuing our Business of Raw series with an interview raw food chef and entrepreneur, Cynthia Beavers.

Cynthia is the head chef and owner of Pure Raw Cafe. Pure Raw Cafe got it's start in Dallas and has now relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma. In addition to the sit down cafe, Cynthia also ships raw food meals across the country to individuals who are looking to make a smooth transition to healthier living.

We invited Cynthia on our podcast to talk about the lessons she's learned launching two cafes and a successful meal shipping business.

Topic Covered

  • How her raw food journey started
  • How Cynthia's mother reversed her Ultra Colitis through juice fasting
  • How Cynthia's first few potlucks ultimately lead to a restaurant and shipped meal service
  • What lessons Cynthia learned by opening up a restaurant in Dallas
  • The challenges Cynthia experienced finding the right meals and a delivery system for her shipped meals
  • How she's built a business by selling to a specific type of clientele
  • What advice Cynthia wishes she knew when she opened up her first restaurant
  • The advice Cynthia has for others looking to start their own raw business and the best way to attract attention