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[Video] Ani Phyo on Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods

Another fantastic bootleg clip from Tuesday's raw food TV extravaganza.

Here's eco raw food chef Ani Phyo schooling Andrew Zimmern on the flavors of the raw food diet. Ani prepares a raw lasagna, raw sun burger and a surprise durian shake.

Overall you can tell that Andrew really enjoyed what he ate. And why wouldn't he? Ani Phyo is the bomb! And total props to Ani for trying to slip in a durain. I'm not sure how durian is Andrew's kryptonite, given how he eats goat eye balls for a living, but hey, "to each his own".

Here's one great takeaway from the segment: we shouldn't feel compelled to give our tasty raw food dishes names that remind people of cooked foods they are use to. As Andrew mentioned, he would have philosophically enjoyed the raw sun burger even more if it was called something else. I have no idea what that something else would be, but it's something to think about for the thousands of raw chefs across the world.

Well done Ani! You represented the raw food community well.

You can check out the full Bizarre Foods LA Health Segment here.